Safeguard knowledge
and experience
with the noumee app

The most important asset of any business is the knowledge and experience of its staff.

This asset is endangered by fluctuation, monopolies on knowledge and employees leaving.

With the help of the noumee app on your employees’ smartphones, you can secure and use this knowledge in a unique and intuitive way.

Every employee can record his/her experience as a noumee story, with videos, images, speech, text and location, and make it available to others. The stories can be retrieved at any time by all authorised employees in the company, whether they are in production, workshop or warehouse, or during training.

The most important point is that all information is protected against unauthorised access.

against unauthorised


I have picked up so many processes and steps during the course of my work. With noumee, I can finally pass on my experience.

Employee montage


Experienced employees feel valued and young people think the noumee app is cool.

Human resources manager


noumee works best with knowledge tandems: old hands who know the materials and processes like the back of their hand and trainees who create stories on it.

Production trainer


Our employees are our most important capital. We managers have often affirmed that. noumee has now brought it to life.

Owner and manager